24 June 202101EMC test flight
25 June 202102Instrument test flight
26 June 202103In situ above liquid origin cirrus above France and Germany, embedded contrails, thin cirrus above southern France; overpass at MIM (Meteorological Institute München)/Hohenpeißenberg (German weather service (DWD) observatory)
28 June 202104Cirrus along a cold front, in a ridge (possible convection), along a warm front/WCB; several flyovers at Jülich/Leipzig/MIM/Hohenpeißenberg
29 June 202105+06Arctic in situ and and liquid origin cirrus > 60 °N, convective and in situ cirrus and contrails over Germany; overpass at MIM/Hohenpeißenberg
01 July 202107Complex cloud situation over Germany associated with multiple small-scale low pressure systems; vertical profile over Leipzig, overpass at Hohenpeißenberg
05 July 202108+09Cold cirrus of arctic and mid latitude origin at the Norwegian coast and between northern Scandinavia and Svalbard
07 July 202110+11Contrail and jetstream cirrus between Ireland and Greenland, in situ cirrus east of Iceland
08 July 202112Cirrus around the Alps with northern and southern origin in Germany, Switzerland and Italy, aerosol gradients, convective cirrus, overpass in MIM/Hohenpeißenberg
12 July 202113+14Cold arctic and high latitude in situ cirrus near Iceland, contrail and mid latitude cirrus, overpass in MIM/Hohenpeißenberg
13 July 202115In situ cirrus around the Alps (Italy) with mixture of large-scale mixing and convection, radar overpass in MIM/Hohenpeißenberg
15 July 202116+17Contrails and in situ cirrus with oceanic origin over Iberia, overpass at Hohenpeißenberg
19 July 202118+19Probing of in situ cirrus west of Norway, potential gravity wave characteristics
21 July 202120+21In situ cirrus over Spain, contrails over Atlantic, shuttling along CALIPSO track (satellite underpass)
23 July 202122Day and night cycle of cirrus radiative properties
26 July 2021 23Thin in situ cirrus in Scandinavia, convection in Germany Cancelled
28 July 2021 23Convective cirrus and precipitation in Germany, CALIPSO satellite underpass and cirrus of various origin north of Great Britain
29 July 202124Nose boom calibration flight